The end came long ago.

Two millennia have passed since Ismae’s largest moon was destroyed, leaving the planet’s surface transformed into little more than a handful of islands separated by tempestuous seas.

In this world of scant resources and forgotten science, the descendants of those who survived have developed their own solutions to the problems of daily life. Their greatest tool is the science of zoetics, through which fresh genomes are tailored to meet needs and anatomies are altered to suit whims. Their most precious resource is opoli, refined from fragments of the ruined moon and used to power sophisticated machines.

From the quays and alleys of Dockhaven to the imperial arcology of Vinex lurk the hidden misdeeds of scientists and machinations of capitalists, both ready to murder and plunder. In the wild places, remnants of the First Epoch wait to be discovered. The daring chance the forests of Cloviist, the sands of Tehtaemah, the jungles of Haasteboah for knowledge and fortune.

Ismae is a world of tales, some ancient, some from yesterday; stories of action and adventure, intrigue and innovation, love and death.