Without the help of this group, we couldn’t do what we do.

Michael B. Fee

Michael B. Fee, painter
Fee created the Things They Buried cover painting, Cenotaph, which interprets a scene from the novel, including the three main characters and the ominous desalinization plant. He is one of Amanda and Michael’s favorite artists; as soon as they realized their story was becoming a novel, there was no question of who wither wanted as cover artist. Fee has shown his paintings everywhere from New Orleans to San Diego. (michaelbfee.com)



Jacob Walker

Jacob Walker, illustrator
Jacob is an incredibly talented artist who’s worked with Fantasy Flight Games, Steve Jackson Games, and Paizo Entertainment. His work can even be seen in a Star Wars card game. He’s done a fantastic job of translating Amanda and Michael’s ideas into tangible images. You can find his work all over Ismae’s website and swag. (jacobwalkerart.com)



Emily Stansell

Emily Stansell, photographer
Emily is a fantastic photographer and queen of kitsch who turns everything she does into art. Her family can often be found modeling detailed costumes in curious settings, and her home looks like it popped straight out of the 1970s. In only one-hundred photos, she managed to drag at least ten good ones out of Amanda and Michael. (instagram.com/pinkylee55)