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  • BaneZoetic augmentation in which a venom gland is transplanted from one species to another.
  • Balototh – The fourth month of the year. The first month of summer.
  • Baluut Zoet used for both flight and underwater travel.
  • Bankal – Raider clan that keeps largely to the Twilight Sea.
  • B’hintal Dadeyah – Ismae’s green moon.
  • Big Island, The – One of Dockhaven’s islets. Home to much of the city’s commerce.
  • Billidoc Coalition – Organization dedicated to trade.
  • Billidoc, Moid and Calla – Historical figures revered for having been the first to initiate trade after the cataclysm.
  • Blalal berries – Bog-grown fruit used to make caba.
  • Boodle – Slang for loot.
  • Book of Omatha, The – A mythical tome created by the Duin, Omatha. Also known as “The Book.”
  • Bubs – Slang for breasts.
  • Bung – Slang for landlord.
  • Bym – Slang for an attractive woman.



  • Danurak – The eighth month of the year.
  • Dibuc Zoet used to devour organic waste materials of all sort. Primary use in is toilets.
  • Dockhaven – City built on a small chain of islands in the center of the Middle Sea. The hub of Ismae’s commerce. Often referred to as the Haven.
  • Dormah – Ismae’s white moon.
  • Douse – Slang for idiot or fool.
  • Draas – Species of primative sentient people. Large and bulky with scales, long claws, and dangerous tails.
  • Dross – Slang for junk.
  • Duar, The – The second faction of Ismae deities. The Duar entered the history of Ismae toward the end of the First Epoch.
  • Duin, The – One of two factions of Ismae deities. The Duin are credited with the creation of many of the species on Ismae.
  • Duke, The – See Imythedralin, Sylandair.
  • Dullahan – A scion of the Duar and member of the Victalyassa. Said to bring battle.



  • Falak – The ninth month of the year.
  • Farspeech/farspeaker – The ability to communicate over long distances using the mind. Found in about 10% of pukas.
  • Feck – Slang for something worthless.
  • Fext – A scion of the Duar and member of the Victalyassa. Said to inspire murder.
  • Fid – Slang for penis or for an unpleasant man.
  • Fist – See Haus, Victuur.
  • Fohmsquah – Character from Things They Buried and They Eat Their Own. Female puka. Professional domestic.


  • Gam – Slang for sex.
  • Goby – Slang for a person acting like a parasite; a hanger-on.
  • Gorta – A scion of the Duar and member of the Victalyassa. Said to bring famine.
  • Grat – Slang word for expressing greatfulness. Short for gratitude or “you have my gratitude.”
  • Gudgeon – Slang for dupe.
  • Gutter baby/babies – Slang for a homeless or street person.
  • Guunaat Ukur’s primary port city. Populated primarily by the Estoans.




  • Jajal – One of the most revered of the Duin.  Considered the All Mother by her adherents.
  • Jig – Slang for a job or assignment.


  • Kalaflak – The seventh month of the year. The first month of autumn.
  • Kaniral – One of the Duin. Revered by diplomats, leaders, judges, and the Estoans.
  • Karju – Species of sentient people. Mostly broad and muscular with skin tones from pale pink to dark brown.
  • Khuit – Thick, bitter yellow liquor.
  • Kluuta Orono – See Orono, Kluuta.


  • Lav – Slang for washroom. Short for lavatory.
  • Leb – One of the Duin. Died in the War of Whispers. Revered by leaders, arbiters, and builders.
  • Leloloom – One of the Duin. Revered by sailors, merchants, and the Billidoc Coalition.
  • Lodestone Cloud – Device for circumventing magnetic locks.
  • Lower Rabble – See Rabble, Lower.
  • Lumia algaeZoet that generates pale, aqua light.
  • Lusca Zoet used to separate seawater into salt and freshwater.
  • Lyntyyl – Game played with cards and dice.


  • Mag-pistol/rifle – Weapon that uses a battery and magnetic slide to fire slugs. Sometimes powered by opoli.
  • Medibar – The third month of the year.
  • Mids/middays – Midday rest enjoyed by chivori.
  • Minikin – Members of the karju species who were born and developed smaller than the average karju.
  • Moid Billidoc – See Billidoc, Moid and Calla.
  • Mucha – Organization dedicated to intelligence and learning. And drastic fashion statements.



  • O’atlor – An island in the Dominion of Chiva’vastezz.
  • Omatha – One of the Duin. Revered by intellectuals, poets, and musicians.
  • Opoli
    1. Opoli – Cause of the global cataclysm. Formerly Ismae’s primary moon, now debris rings around the planet.
    2. opoli – A reactive substance found in debris from the moon’s explosion.
  • Optic couplingZoetic augmentation directly linking baluuts with their wranglers and pilots.
  • Oras, Empire of – Large chain of islands to the east. Populated primarily by karju. Xenophobic.
  • Orono, Kluuta – Character from Things They Buried. Male karju. Zoeticist.
  • Ossein Zoetic augmentation that can mend or grow new bone. Often used for body-decorative purposes, such as horns.
  • Ossquere – Large northern island in the Dominion of Chiva’vastezz.


  • Perilon – The eleventh month of the year.
  • Pipe, The – Narrow stretch of land connecting Dockhaven’s Big Island and Lower Rabble.
  • Piru & Tokimer – Scions of the Duin. Revered by gamblers, thieves, and anyone seeking to improve their luck.
  • Pong – Slang for a bad odor.
  • Prick, The – One of Dockhaven’s islets. Warehouse district and home to the destitute and the worst the city can find.
  • Puddle – Slang for a weak and/or worthless person.
  • Puka – Species of sentient people. Short and hairless with skin tones in muddy shades of green and brown.


  • Quim – Slang for vagina or for an unpleasant woman.
  • Quincitaba – Green and overly sweet liquor.




  • Tatumi – Character from Things They Buried. Male hiisi.
  • Tehtaemah – Island to the south. Prone to high temperatures. Home to a large proportion of rhochrot.
  • Thung Toh – Secret organization dedicated to doing jobs no one else can.
  • Tilen, Mount – Inactive volcano and primary mountain on Ukur.
  • Tippled/tippler – Slang for drunk.
  • Toroth – The fifth month of the year.
  • Trawler – Slang for someone looking for sex in a non-professional manner.
  • Trinite – A powerful explosive.
  • Trull – Slang for a prostitute, male or female.






  • Yenderot – Raider clan that keeps largely to the Middle Sea.


  • Zhuuve – Brown liquor available in even the cheapest of dives.
  • Zoet/zoetics – Branch of science dealing with altered genomes. Includes body modification and development of new genomes.
  • Zoet parlor – Business where zoetic body augmentations or repairs are performed.