Michael working on the audio. I enjoy the work more than I look like I do.

For those of you who are curious how to pronounce Sylandair Imythedralin and so many other mouths full, the Ismae Glossary has now been updated to include audio of yours truly using one of my radio voices.

Now, it really doesn’t matter to me if our audience pronounces the slew of Ismae terms we bathe them in correctly; as long as they are enjoying the story, we have done our job. When reading SFF, though, I often wish I knew how the author pronounced all the names and words unique to their world(s). Plus, while working with our beta readers, Amanda and I were surprised (and amused) by the variety of ways folks hear our words in their heads.

So drop by the Ismae Glossary and listen to me pronounce made-up words. Patience is suggested as our current server environment isn’t the best performer, but I’ll work on that after we get Things They Buried released and I clear a few more priorities off of my list.

Special thanks to George Culbreth for bringing my HTML/CSS code up to date, I’ve been away from web design too long to go it completely alone. Last time I authored a page with audio I used RealPlayer (yeah, it was the ’90s).