What we did during COVID (or how I rarely got out of my pajamas)

Last year on this day we released the second Thung Toh Jig novel, They Eat Their Own.  And for us—like most of you—it was a tumultuous twelve months since.  Much of this time was a welcome decoupling from the world out there and though we’ve been quiet, the two of us have remained very busy.

Instead of spending time at cons and on social media, Amanda and I been busy behind the scenes.  Production is complete on the audiobooks for both Things They Buried and They Eat Their Own.  The first is available now on Audible and Amazon, with the second soon to follow.  Both titles will also be available on iTunes in coming days.

In addition, two Thung Toh Jig novels and a Syl & Aliara prequel novella are in the works. It’s hard to say exactly when any of these will be ready for release, but we’ll keep you abreast here in the blog and on social (mostly Instagram @ismaebooks).