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Under the dirty streets of Ismae’s greatest port city, an old nightmare waits for Sylandair and Aliara, one that is stealing Dockhaven’s children, one that only they can end.

When the pair escaped their owner and abuser years ago, they left him behind in a ball of blue flame, but as more children disappear near Dockhaven’s desalinization plant, they believe he may not be dead.  When they embark on an underground search for him with their less-than-reliable puka scout Schmalch, what they find is beyond any expectation.  It will lead them into a twisting world of inheritances, experimentation, and memories they never wanted to exhume.

Things They Buried is the first full length novel of Ismae, a planet where bodies can be re-crafted at the genetic level while photography remains a luxury available only to the rich.  It is a world where science sometimes appears as magic and history as myth, where monsters make themselves, and heroes are wholly unintentional.

This novel contains adult themes and violence.