The next Thung Toh Jig has a title!

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Caution to those who have not yet read Things They Buried: This post contains spoilers. You may want to avoid it. Read on at peril of your own enjoyment…

After a great deal of deliberation and an insane number of rejections, we have settled on a title for the first book in Ismae’s The Long Game story arc: They Eat Their Own. This one is a crime story with strong noir overtones. It is still a Thung Toh Jig and will follow up on the activities of many of the characters from Things They Buried.

They Eat Their Own kicks off during the 2086 Sower’s Festival—the beginning of the new year on Ismae—aboard the Ipesia, a floating party in Lover’s Sound. Sylandair is enacting his plans made over the winter, Aliara is ready to return to the Thung Toh, and Schmalch is easing into his new role as the Duke’s assistant. Nothing goes quite as planned.

This novel also sees the return of Mayor Idra Carsuure, still suffering the repercussions of Syl’s acceptance of Orono’s bequest. Some new characters will be introduced, including Flark, the acid-tongued puka slum lord; Dreg, the young chivori and self-absorbed operative of the Thung Toh; Daisy, Flark’s equally mordant divested-wife; Mintryl Marthoth, karju shipping magnate and host of the annual party; and Lady Orilausko, club owner and one-time member of the Seers of Dream and Waking.

We don’t have a firm release date for They Eat Their Own yet, but we’re shooting for early 2020.

We hope all of you will enjoy this next entry in the Thung Toh Jig series.

(Bonus tease: In our third novel readers will learn what Haus has been up to since leaving Dockhaven. We didn’t forget him, and he hasn’t forgotten Nihal.)