Coming in 2020

A new year has begun, and the 2086 Sower’s Festival gala aboard shipping magnate Mintryl Marthoth’s luxurious barge is brimming with Dockhaven’s elite and their entourages. Some attend for the spectacle, some for the exotic indulgences, some to gamble away or add to their fortunes. Others come to play opening moves in more subtle competitions, which will not realize their endgames for months to come.

This year, someone’s opening gambit involves contracting the Thung Toh. Completing this jig will take its operatives high into the cold spring sky over Dockhaven and plunge them into the frigid waters surrounding the island-city. They must engage, steal, and bluff to achieve their objectives without disturbing the celebration.

The Long Game is a multi-book series continuing King & Swanson’s Thung Toh Jig stories. Though each adventure stands on its own, all are connected by a storyline following members of Ismae’s preeminent covert organization as they execute contracts for Dockhaven’s most powerful and ruthless citizens.