The Bitter Barnacle in the gallery

Where no one cares who you are.

After our June hiatus, Michael and I have decided to make a few changes to the monthly communication on

First, we will no longer be posting new short fiction every month. We are writing and will continue to write new short pieces and post them on the site, but we simply don’t have the time to produce a new one each month. It’s more important that we complete the novels first.

Second, we will continue to post new concept art, floor plans, diagrams, etc. in the gallery on the first Tuesday of each month. This month’s feature is the floor plan for the Bitter Barnacle, home to Garl, hangout for Schmalch, and source of information for Aliara.

We’ll still share updates, random ramblings, and other content. Mostly, though, we just want to crank out the follow-ups to Things They Buried.