Release Date for They Eat Their Own

Michael is Squidget's favorite editing partner.

For those who’ve been asking when to expect our follow-up to Things They Buried, we have good news: They Eat Their Own has a release date! Our new novel, which continues the stories begun in our debut, will be released on April 21, 2020.

They Eat Their Own is a caper/fiasco-type story featuring Sylandair, Aliara, Schmalch, as well as some new characters. The novel takes place almost entirely over the course of one day during Ismae’s annual new year’s celebration, involves thefts, mystical objects, murder-for-hire, and back-room politics.

If you just can’t wait to learn more, check us out on Fully Booked, Kirkus Reviews‘ weekly podcast. We’re featured in one of this week’s short segments, talking about both Things They Buried and They Eat Their Own.