New in the gallery: Orono mansion floor plans

One of six line art images of the Orono mansion and grounds available now in the Ismae gallery.

Instead of more concept art illustrations, our gallery entry for April is the floor plan of Kluuta Orono‘s mansion and layout of his estate grounds—a total of six new images. Those who have read Things They Buried know how heavily this location plays into the story, and how complicated the house it. We thought our readers might enjoy seeing this sort of behind-the-scenes writing tools. (Special bonus, this floor plan includes every piece of furniture mentioned in the novel.)

Because so much action takes place in and around the Orono mansion—and because Michael and I can’t read one another’s mindsthis line art was an essential part of writing Things They Buried. Diagrams like this help us block action and visually communicate what’s in our heads.

You’ll be seeing more of this sort of tool in months to come, including Sylandair and Aliara‘s apartment, the Bitter Barnacle, Club Perpetual, a diagram of Schmalch‘s grenade, and (of course) a full world map.

We hope you enjoy the first of many peeks into the visual side of our collaborative writing process.

Is there something specific you’re interested in seeing? Let us know.