New in the gallery: A chit & two Callas

Stare into this little guy's eye and he'll do more than look back.

May’s entry in the Ismae gallery is a bit more of Jacob Walker‘s fine concept artwork. Instead of characters, this month, we’re sharing items with our readers.

First is a chit, a zoetic creature used to transfer images and words from person to person. These little things show up in nearly every story we write, most notable is the big jar of them sitting on Luugrar’s desk at the Thung Toh contract house.

Next is a pair of Callas, front and back. Callas, the primary coin of Ismae, are named for Calla Billidoc, who legend calls the first post-Cataclysm trader between isles. She is portrayed as smiling on one side and frowning on the other, thus when tossing a coin, the result is referred to as “smiles or scowls.”

In the interest of finishing The Long Game, we will not be posting a new piece of short fiction in May. Instead, look for the floor plan of Sylandair and Aliara’s penthouse in two weeks. Next week, I’ll be downloading our experiences with Amazon’s free Kindle ebook promotion (which wraps up today—so grab a copy if you haven’t yet!).