New concept art! New short fiction!

Over drinks at the Bitter Barnacle, Aliara and Frabo discuss what he and his late friends saw beneath Dockhaven's desalinization plant. just had a facelift. We’ve replaced the old image of the dueling typewriters with a custom banner illustration by Jacob Walker, our amazing concept artist.

The new banner portrays a scene from the first chapter of Things They Buried, in which Aliara considers stabbing her dining partner with a fork. Jacob is an incredibly talented artist who’s worked with Fantasy Flight Games, Steve Jackson Games, and Paizo Entertainment. His work can even be seen in a Star Wars card game. He’s done a fantastic job of translating our ideas into tangible images.

We’ve also added new sections to the site.

  • Up next: Under “Books,” you’ll now find information about our next title (The Long Game), expected in late 2019.
  • Gallery: Under “Extras” is a gallery of concept and working art. To kick it off, we’ve added Jacob‘s illustrations of our main characters (Aliara, Sylandair, Schmalch, and Haus), the Things They Buried book cover and Michael B. Fee‘s painting (Cenotaph), and a map of Dockhaven and the Ismae calendar (both created by the authors while writing Things They Buried).
  • Short Fiction: Also under “Extras” we’ve added a short fiction section, featuring “A Young Persons’ Guide to Coin.” Still young, but already considered adult by his species’ standards, Schmalch is fresh out of the Temple of Spriggan orphanage, working for and learning from Garl at the Bitter Barnacle.

We will be adding new concept art and new short fiction to every month.

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