It’s Here!

Things They Buried is officially available for purchase on Amazon as both Kindle ebook and paperback!* If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can also find it there. For a taste, check out the sample chapter available in our Extras section.

If you enjoy action-adventure, science fantasy, grimdark, or any variety of sci-fi/fantasy stories, we’d love for you to check it out. Any purchases, downloads, and reviews are immensely helpful and greatly appreciated.

Things They Buried is the story of Sylandair and Aliara, who recruit the semi-effective Schmalch to help them investigate the long-ago disappearance of their former owner and tormentor, Orono. The story takes them beneath the island-city of Dockhaven and back into their own pasts as they learn the truth. Please note that Things They Buried contains adult themes and violence and may not be appropriate for young readers.

Our gratitude to everyone who has followed our journey to publication. We appreciate every ask and every word of encouragement. We hope you enjoy this novel and those still to come as much as we enjoy creating them.

Our thanks to everyone who helped make this project a reality: Rob and Cassy Fenter, Christopher Bennem, Michael B. Fee, Jacob Walker, Emily Stansell Photography, John Helfers and Stonehenge Editorial, Cara Moczygemba, George Culbreth, Anne Bishop, Toiya Kristen Finley, Kelly McCullough, Gregory A. Wilson, DL, Hans and Tina Leck, Greg Lindholm, Corrie Jagger, Kevin Edwards, Tonya Perkins, John and Kelly Wikman, Elizabeth Oinen, Kamoria Art, and the town of Irvington, Indiana. Our love and gratitude to our families, who have supported us through this and so much more: Will and Ellen King, Roland and Diane Swanson, Jeffrey and Sarah Swanson.

*The novel will be exclusive to Amazon initially, expanding into other platforms later this year.