Here It Comes

Look at that beautiful cover…just makes you want to know what’s inside, right?

You’ll have your chance on February, 19, 2019, when Things They Buried is available for purchase on Amazon in both Kindle eBook and print formats. If you just can’t wait, the eBook is available right now for pre-order. (Amazon does not allow pre-order for indie publisher paperbacks.) We plan to make the novel available through other channels (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.) later this year.

Cenotaph by Michael B. Fee
Cenotaph by Michael B. Fee

This wonderfully moody painting was created by the lovely and talented Michael B. Fee, who did an incredible job of translating our words to depict a scene from part one of Things They Buried , including the desalinization plant, curious cliffside entries, and our main characters, Sylandair, Aliara, and Schmalch (he’s the little green one). Michael Fee has exhibited his paintings across the country from New Orleans to San Diego. We will be offering prints of the full painting later this year.

Things They Buried is a science-fantasy action-adventure story, heavy on the action with a healthy dose of horror, adult themes, and just a little romance. It follows Sylandair and Aliara as they seek to learn the fate of their old owner and tormentor, Orono, believed dead after an explosion beneath the city’s desalinization plant. Things get really interesting (and ugly) after they discover the truth. Find the back cover copy on

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Next Tuesday, look for an updated website (including an amazing banner illustration by Jacob Walker), the arrival of concept art, and our first bonus short fiction release.