GenCon 2018 Day 3

An attendee in a cool stick-spirit costume, standing on some really ugly carpet.

Saturdays are traditionally heavy on the costumes which makes them a particularly entertaining day to just people-watch.  The costume above (a stilt spirit, I think) was impressive. It loses something in the snapshot vs. in-person.  The eyes lit up and the person inside was walking effectively on four stilts.

Though I didn’t get any photos that were descent enough to share, one of my favorite costumes was a guy dressed as Rick Sanchez on the left and Morty Smith on the right.  Complicated to make, I’m sure, but by far not the most complex one I saw.

We spent more of day two with our goddaughter, Sis, and some old and new friends than we did on the Writers’ Symposium.  Today, though, we were back to it.  Tomorrow’s the final day of the con and a big one for us – we’ll be doing a reading from Things They Buried for a panel to critique.  It’s a small audience, but it’s still the first time we’ve shared the content publicly, so I’m more than a little nervous.  I don’t know who our panelists will be but given the names who’ve been speaking and giving seminars this year, it could be an intimidating group.