GenCon 2018 Wrap-Up

Mini-Jenny wishes she'd received better items when she hit the streets of Arkham. (I painted Reaper Chronoscope minis to look like the Arkham Horror characters.)

This year Michael and I didn’t have as many opportunities to play games at GenCon as we have in the past; we were too focused on the Writers’ Symposium.  Still, attending was a lot of fun and we met many amazing people.  One of the Marriott’s bartenders even asked me to read our prologue for him before we went in to read it for the panel of pros. (Smart man – he received a really good tip for his efforts.)

It always amazes me just how friendly and pleasant everyone is at GenCon.  Maybe it’s because we’ve all escaped the drudgery of daily life to do something we love with like-minded people, or maybe gamers just tend to be nice people.  Either way, it makes for a pleasant (if exhausting) long weekend.

Our reading of the prologue to Things They Buried at the symposium went well – though we were only able to get through about half of it in our four-minute window.  The panel, Anne Bishop, Kelly McCullough, Toiya Kristen Finley and Gregory A. Wilson, gave us some great suggestions for tweaks to make our already-solid content just that little bit better.  I can’t thank them enough for taking time to share their expertise with those of us just starting out.

To celebrate, we came home and played a marathon session of Arkham Horror.  We lost – devoured by Yog Sothoth after five or six hours – but at least we got in a little gaming before the convention weekend was over.