Ebook preorder

An early concept sketch of Duke Sylandair Imythedralin.

The Kindle ebook of They Eat Their Own is now available for pre-order! You can also find it on Goodreads. Sadly, Amazon does not offer pre-order functionality for indie paperbacks, so those who prefer a hard copy will have to wait until May 19.

If you just can’t wait, we’ve posted chapter 1 of They Eat Their Own on our short fiction page. This scene finds Sylandair at the gaming table, facing Dockhaven’s elite and powerful as they play cards and take jabs at one another. They Eat Their Own fills in the gaps on what he and Aliara have been up to since Orono’s demise, sets up the plan to thwart Nihal Savesti, and introduces the players who’ll be working either with or against them in this effort. That said, They Eat Their Own still stands as its own adventure story as Aliara returns to work and Syl deals with the hole he’s dug himself into over the winter. Fair warning to Haus fans, Victuur “Fist” Haus is not among the Thung Toh operating in this jig, though his still around doing his part and will return in future installments.

We’ve also added a couple new pieces of concept art to the gallery, early sketches done before we began working with Jacob Walker. (This artist has asked to remain anonymous.) Enjoy and look for more new content next week as we ramp up to the May 19 launch.