A Kirkus star for Things They Buried

We are beyond honored (and more than a little giddy) to have received a Kirkus star for our debut novel, Things They Buried. We were hoping for a good review—receiving a star was an amazing surprise.

Our favorite bits:

King and Swanson’s debut sci-fi/fantasy novel uses dazzling worldbuilding and a hodgepodge of characters, cultures, and fantastic species to tell a powerful, human story. … The worldbuilding is nearly flawless in its execution, which will entice readers to immerse themselves in the story and acclimate themselves to its strangeness as they go. … The intriguing plot makes excellent use of its primary characters, resulting in a breathtaking, harmonious read.

An empathetic, complex, and offbeat tale.
—Kirkus Reviews

You can find the whole thing at Kirkus Reviews. If that makes your toes tingle, you can pick up your copy on Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble.

Thanks to all of our cheerleaders, family and friends, readers and reviewers. You’ve kept us excited and inspired.

Watch for our follow-up novel, They Eat Their Own, coming in early 2020.